One Am I

Just a little sketch probably inspired by how I felt at the moment
I sketched it , or perhaps a few moments before I sketched the thing,
or maybe even the day before or month or even year before I
decided to pick up my sketch book and my pens and my inks and
sketch the little sketch. I mean, who is to say how anything out of one's
imagination comes to mind anyway, which is why I qualified the
description with the qualifier "probably", as I am not in the least certain
as to how where and when the idea of the sketch popped into my head,
assuming it popped at all, for popping is a verb better suited to describing the
erupting sound which ensues when champagne corks are released from their
metallic nets into the atmosphere, and certainly not art works, least of all
sketches, and especially not my sketches which, as should be immediately
obvious to anyone endowed with human eyes and a brain, I execute
off the cuff, without any sort of premeditating, which is what I like about my
sketches and trust you will as well, which I am quite certain you shall,
as I assume you are a person of good taste, if not of great wealth, as Jagger
says of the Devil in his Sympathy for the nasty bugger.